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About me

I am a Tauranga-based photographer with a passion for capturing moments that tell unique stories.

Having lived and worked in vibrant cities like Auckland, Sydney, and Wellington, I found my way back to my original home, Tauranga, where I reignited my lifelong love for photography.

My love affair with photography started when I was at university. Scrambling to save enough for my first camera ignited a passion that's only grown stronger. Over the years, my gear collection expanded alongside my skills, each new piece fueling my creative exploration.

While I can't resist the beauty of nature and the breathtaking outdoors, I've also discovered a special connection with food and product photography. In these genres, my creativity flourishes as I construct scenes, playing with composition and light to bring out the essence and allure of every subject.

Let's create something beautiful together. I'm eager to hear about your photography needs and discuss how we can work together to create something truly exceptional. Get in touch today to chat about bringing your ideas to life.


To love beauty is to see light.

Victor Hugo

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