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Composition challenge

Back in October there was a really fun three day photography composition challenge run on Instagram by Anja Burgar (@useyournoodles) and Bea Lubas (@bealubas).

Day one involved using NO props, day two was a shot ONLY using props, and day three was a busy scene.

Day One: No props

Day one of the challenge was a fantastic exercise to hone your eye for composition and make the most of the inherent beauty of food itself. It's a great reminder that a stunning food photograph doesn't require an elaborate setup. It's about showcasing the food as the star of the show, using light, shadow, texture, and arrangement to tell a story without any distractions.

Day Two: Only props

Day two threw a playful curveball but it was a surprisingly fun and creative challenge. It forced you to think outside the box and explore the storytelling potential of food photography props alone.

Day Three: Busy Scene

A celebration of food photography in all its glory - using food (or drink in my case), props and a whole scene to tell a story.

This three-day food photography challenge was a blast! Each day presented a unique challenge, stretching my imagination and allowing me to hone my skills in unexpected ways.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this type of challenge is a fantastic way to reignite your passion for food photography and discover new possibilities within the frame. So, grab your camera and embrace the chance to experiment – you might be surprised by the magic you create!

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